Mountain Democrat photo by Jackie Penn (

Mountain Democrat photo by Jackie Penn (

Best Practices: Professional Volunteers & Public Improvements

Many public agencies and non-profit organizations have used volunteers to design, construct, and maintain facilities.

Along the way, organizations have had to navigate a number of issues including quality control, professional liability insurance, managing community and volunteer expectations, workers compensation, concerns from organized labor, and on and on.

The issues are different from one State to another, and different between organizations in the same community.

Yet, now more than ever, communities have growing numbers of retired and semi-retired individuals that want to give back. Many have current professional licenses as architects, engineers, contractors, and on.

Community Services 2050 is compiling the Best Practices from across the United States. And, we need your help!

  • Have you been a volunteer? What did you do? How did you come upon the opportunity?
  • Has your agency or organization successfully used volunteers? Or, maybe you ran into some challenges that stalled your good idea?
  • Know of a showcase project that was done entirely or in part by volunteers? Or even a not-shiny, not newsworthy, but otherwise great thing a group of someones did as volunteers?

Please take a moment and send your stories and anecdotes, thoughts and experiences using the form below! Or email us and send pictures to

Thank you very much!