Durability of Community Services


The Premise

Early research at Community Services 2050 (CS2050) shows that, in aggregate, levels of essential services being provided to Californians are declining.

Our Focus

In particular, our work is focused on services provided by Cities, Independent Special Districts, and Non-Profits. This includes everything from building permit services, to road maintenance - from emergency response times and services, to parks and recreation programs.

What We Are / What We Believe

  • Our interest is in convening, not in promoting a particular outcome or policy.CS2050 has committed to the journey that starts with research, analysis, understanding, and documentation.  And from there, providing the space for a statewide strategic planning conversation to begin.
  • The sky is not falling. A better understanding of issues and futures means thoughtful course corrections, and adaptive management through what will undoubtedly be exciting years to come.
  • Our work depends on the thousands of individual stories that give rich context to the data we are collecting and are analyzing.

Where You Come In

We need your help with anecdotes and simplified case studies.

We welcome your input and submissions of facts that suggest a concerning trend, a perplexing detail you aren't sure what to make of, or a full scale thesis about the future of any form of public services currently provided in California by Cities, Independent Special Districts, or the portion of non-profit agencies that offer services to their communities.

All submissions can be given anonymously by completing the form below - or email us at

Thank you!