Community Services 2050

The Community Services (CS2050) mission is simple – to ensure that California remains a vibrant, sustainable State for the next generation.

Much of California is functionally and structurally unhealthy, and cannot contribute to that statewide vision.

Moreover, a healthy, vibrant California cannot exist with so much of it (geographically) is in decline, and without viable solutions on the horizon.

Our simply bold mission is to restore stressed areas of California through a series of enterprises.

California's historic drought has taken its toll on millions of trees in the Sierra Mountain Range, a region being devastated not only  by a prolonged drought, but also a growing infestation of bark beetles that are parasites on the trees stressed by the lack of water. The recent rainfall cannot save the estimated 100+ million pine and fir trees.

Forest Innovations – an enterprise focused on harvesting dead and dying timber in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Our mission includes creating education and employment opportunities, and first-rate artwork and legacy furniture in the process. 

Ourea Communities - a collective of sustainable communities. Each community is characterized by several distinguishing standards.

  • Decompressed settings for all ages to live, innovate, and play
  • Vibrant places to nourish body, mind, and soul --- perfect for creative thought
  • Cost-effective office and residential spaces for revolutionaries, families, businesses, and retirees.

Service Durability - a public policy, strategic planning initiative that is synthesizing and understanding the data trends that are common to Cities, independent special districts, and non-profits. This information will be used to demonstrate why front-line service providers are not organizationally sustainable, and to develop practical, achievable actions, solutions, and reforms to ensure community services are sustained and enhanced for another generation. 

CS2050 was founded by Matt Boyer, and is staffed by Matthew C. Boyer & Associates.

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